College and Career Word Wall | College Life Vol. 3


Don't forget these...

Are you looking for a way to help your students prepare for college and develop the necessary skills they will need throughout their college journeys? Look no further than College and Career Word Wall: College Life!


This comprehensive collection of college words enables students to become familiar with college vocabulary and terminology that is central to preparing for life after high school. With these posters, teachers, school counselors, and parents can create an engaging learning experience that translates into confident student success!


Types of posters included:

  1. Orientation
  2. Transcript
  3. GPA
  4. Credit/Unit
  5. Course Load
  6. Campus Tour
  7. Student Organization
  8. Dorm Room
  9. Resident Advisor (RA)
  10. Meal Plan
  11. Sorority
  12. Fraternity
  13. Course Catalog
  14. Major
  15. Minor
  16. Syllabus
  17. Lecture
  18. Lab
  19. Office Hours
  20. Student Union

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