College & Career Types of Degrees for Google Drive™


Don't forget these...

These low prep, digital activities are excellent for providing students and parents an introduction to college and career readiness focusing on exploring different types of degrees! Distance learning has never been easier when helping students prepare for life after high school. Use the presentation to introduce students to different types of college degrees. Follow up with a college research assignment to reinforce student learning!

This product includes PDFs:

  • Types of degree quick facts sheet highlighting 5 types of college degrees
  • Associate's degree definition poster
  • Bachelor's degree definition poster
  • Graduate degree definition poster
  • Master's degree definition poster
  • Doctoral degree definition poster
  • 20 conversation starter cards (color)
  • 20 conversation starter cards (black & white)
  • Types of degrees research & reflection worksheet
  • 2 pages of example work

This product includes Google Slides™ :

  • Types of degrees presentation slides
  • Types of degrees research & reflection worksheet, perfect for distance learning